1. How do I become a member of the Guitar School?

To become a member and to get access to TABs, tutorials and exercises you need to register and select between two different plans - "Registration only"  or  "1 year membership" . Please remember, that only users with an active (1 year)  membership get access to the TABs and tutorials . "Registered users only" can buy the membership  anytime they decide by few clicks in their account profile. Read the answer Nr.2 in this FAQ page to know the details.


2. I am only a registered user (with free membership) and would like to get the paid membership (with access to guitar TABs and tutorials) , what should I do?

To get access to the TABs, tutorials and exercises just go to "MY PROFILE" in the upper righthand menu, select  the package "1 year membership" ) and complete the payment. It is that simple.

3. I had an account on your old website , but forgot my password ,how do I recover it?

Click  "I forgot my password" - STEP 1 - (in the login submenu) and submit the email address you had registered on our old website. You will receive an email with the confirmation link, click on it and you´ll be redirected back to our new website. Then click the temporary login button -STEP 2-  in the middle of the screen (which is active for 1 minute) and submit (and confirm) your new password.Scroll down and save - STEP 3 -. That´s it. As you´ll see, your membership from the old website is still active.


4.I only want to pay a one-time fee for access to sheet music and tutorials, is that possible?

Yes,it is possible. Our membership system is not based on automatic membership renewal, meaning that once the annual subscription expires, the membership is terminated and does not continue, so you will not pay any further fees and you do not even need to apply to terminate your membership. Membership ends automatically after 1 year and if you wish to continue you will have to make a new order.

5. If I subscribe, will I have access to the entire video library including PDF’s (tablatures) of the music?

Yes, your membership entitles you to exclusive access to the entire array of tools that will help you learn or improve your guitar playing skills.

6. What gear (guitars, pedals, mics etc.) do you use for recording your music?

Please go to my Amazon page where I post my video reviews of guitars,pedals, and various other pieces of musician's gear and you will learn more.

Go to: https://amzn.to/3GoZ2YN

7. How much does the membership cost?

Please refer to our "Sign Up" page in order to see our current pricing information. Remember that your membership entitles you to full access to new videos, tablatures, revisions, features, and you also receive unlimited updates throughout the entire period of your membership.

8. What payment methods do you accept?

a) GPWebpay-3D Secured paygate (for credit/debit cards)


     b) PayPal

9.Do you offer discounts for loyal customers?

Yes, all users who have an active membership have the opportunity to extend their membership with a 50% discount compared to new customers. The discount is valid until your active original membership expires. Membership can be renewed at any time during the original membership period and is added to the original membership expiration date.

Example:  If your membership is valid until December 20, 2022, and you´d  like  to extend your membership for another year for a half of the original price , you simply buy a new package in advance, for example, on November 12, 2022,and the extended membership will start counting on December 21, i.e. after the original membership expires. However, if you miss the expiration date of the original membership and want to buy a new membership in, for example, January 2023, the discount no longer applies to such a case. Simply put: discounted membership is available if the user is a member continuously, without interruption. The user can extend the membership in his account in the "Packages" section.

10. What do the small numbers mean in the "How To Play" tutorial videos?

Those numbers indicate the bars in the tab notation, which are currently being played in the tutorial.

11. Do you accept payments in U.S. Dollars ?

Yes, apart from payments in Euros we also accept payments in U.S. Dollars. You can switch between both currencies at the top righthand corner of the screen next to the "login" button.

12. I am looking for a specific song, how can I find out if it´s available?

We have added filters and a search box to the GUITAR TABs page, just type the title of the song in the search box or the name of the singer, band, author etc. and click the "Apply" button. If the song is available, it will appear on the screen.