How it works?


–        access to almost 250 fingerstyle guitar arrangements you know from my Youtube channel  (the number of guitar TABs keeps growing )

–        the arrangements in dual transcription (standard + tablature notation)

–        50% discount for loyal members (after the first year of membership, every subsequent year -2nd,3rd etc...-50%off )

–        downloads are in printable PDF format

–        classification of the guitar TABs by the level of difficulty

–        collecting your favorites in your profile

–        almost 150 tutorial videos in fullHD resolution (the number of tutorials keeps growing too)

–        on-screen labelling (measure numbers) for easy orientation in the song

–        multi-angle-view videos -3 angles for newest tutorials  (1. general front view, 2. right hand detail (side view) 3. left hand detail (top angle view)

–        video playback speed control– slowing down up to 0.5x of the original speed without pitch shifting

–        no language barrier (without unnecessary talking around)

–        fingerstyle guitar exercises for beginners from the most simple to hardest

–        exercises designed specially for fingerstyle playing approach


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